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October 13, 2010
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Eve Starship Valiant by bobalina Eve Starship Valiant by bobalina
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Love it, I'd fly it everyday. :) I'm wondering whats the big hole in the front for thuogh. Might have to patch it up, too much wind ! :P Good luck !
Ya, sorry short on details in the original post. Its not a reverse thruster, its a ginormous Gauss Cannon that would gladly put holes through any battleship :D
nice details!

Good Luck!
Not bad overall - in terms of visual perception.
But judging by the sizes and level of details of the different components I would say - this machine is a hundred meters long as the most.
The work might be disqualified cause it's not line work neither ortho projections. This would be bad cause the work is - as I said - really good (I would say - among top 15th).

PS. next time give it some imperfection - even the nature (that inspired this ship) is never so computer perfect and symmetrical ;-)
I do agree about symmetry though. There's a lot of wiggle room that can be had with a ship, but I think this was the design he probably settled on.
While imperfections would be a good idea, given the nature of the in-game ships, as well as the design philosophy of the Amarrians, imperfections wouldn't exactly make the most sense. It's great for character design, but technical is generally avoided.

It's also fair to say that the scale of the ship listed would be easily defined by using a comparison.

As for disqualification, orthographic renders of the ship itself do count. It's still quite valid.
Oops... I was wrong about ortho views. The rules juts say "views".
And "illustrations" might be interpreted as "GI untextured renderings" as well. So I wish your work fits these rules.

"six (6) views of their entry (all in the same image) – left, right, front, back, top and bottom. The six views are to provide accurate representation of details, measurements, and shapes. The six views should be clean, uncolored line drawings / illustrations / schematics of the exterior hull of the starship. Entrant may include a fully shaded / colored view (a seventh view) of the starship in the entry as well."

"given the nature of the in-game ships, as well as the design philosophy of the Amarrians"
Then you could sell you ship to others if Amarrians stuck with their pholisophy

About scale - your perfect, uninterrupted shell - no holes, no seams, nothing - that covers huge part of the "caterpillar" body of the ship give the impression of tens of meters size (and yes, I remember about Amarrians philosophy). And 3D views doesn't give the feeling of a scale.

But as I said - so far your work looks like most...ummm...really artistic (many people think that if they know 3D modeling software - this is an art by itself). And among 15 best submitted... after mine, of course :)))))
CSpaced Oct 13, 2010
I like it, nicely modelled.
Reverse thruster. Cleaver =) Not very eve-capable, but still pretty cool.
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